tasti. is a web design and marketing agency which specialises in working directly with local business owners and small to medium size companies, especially when it comes to combining these two art forms.

You have a business. You also have a product or service. And either right now or at some point in the past, you have a vision of what your business does and who it can help.

Our role, is to build a website and/or create marketing strategies that represent your brand. We bridge the gap between a “fancy” website and effective marketing to ensure that you get something that “does what it says on the box”. Not just design something that looks good. It needs to perform.

Our approach works best for…

  • Selling more products & services to existing customers

    by leveraging and combining online and offline strategies

  • Monetising your in store foot traffic

    that we can create, manage & tweak on your behalf

  • Getting new customers who buy from you regularly

    by creating business processes & tools that ensures they do

  • Local businesses that want a professional online presence

    which can be managed & hosted by us with premium grade support

tasti. is based in Stockholm, Sweden and services clients locally and all over the world. One of the traits that makes tasti. stand out from the rest is the flexible payment systems we have, where you as the client may choose to pay for the project upfront or on a monthly (licensing) basis. If you’d like to find out more, you can request a free consultation where we’ll have a chat and see if we’re a good fit for each other. This is not a hard sell, it’s just an opportunity to talk about any pains or problems you have in your business to see if our offerings might be a solution.

We’re a big fan of systems, so let’s take a look at one of our most commonly used systems; it’s our creative process we use on all our projects:

Stage A

01 Onboarding

What are the problems you want to solve with this project? This is where we get to know about your business, your products and your vision for the project.

02 Conceptualising & Development

Once we know what you want, we’ll create concepts in both strategy and design which specifically apply to your business. Research, wire-framing and conceptualising forms the basis of the project and development of your project is now underway.
Stage B

03 Client Approval

We begin creating the strategy or web design and once the foundation of the project has been laid, you’ll have the opportunity to review the progress thus far and provide feedback.

04 Applying Feedback

The feedback you’ve provided will be implemented and we’ll continue working on your project.
Stage C

05 Client Approval

Once the project has been completed, you marketing strategy or your website is ready we’ll let you know right away. You then have another opportunity to review it, request any changes and provide feedback.

06 Project Delivery

We’ll implement the changes as per your feedback and do another round of testing to ensure everything is as it should be. We’ll then delivery your project officially – you’re all set!